AJAX Maps Version 3.4 Is Here

  • Posted September 20th, 2006 at 7:51 pm by Yahoo! Search
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The latest version of the Yahoo! AJAX Maps API includes performance improvements, numerous new features, bug fixes and a smaller footprint.

•Polyline support allows you to draw lines on a Yahoo! Map.
•Polylineswith GeoRSS can be drawn on the map using the coordinates of your choice.
•Local Search is now built-in to the API so that results from local.yahoo.com can be plotted on your map.
•Traffic overlay information is built-in allowing you to display traffic information from maps.yahoo.com on your map.
•GeoRSS export functionality let’s you export your map application into the portable GeoRSS standard.
•An additional 20+ methods, like auto-fitting zoom level when specifying radius.

There’s more information in the getting started guide. Make sure to join the yws-maps group to find the answers to your questions when building mashups or implementing Yahoo! Maps.

Mirek Grymuza, Vince Maniago
and the Yahoo! Maps Team

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