You asked, we listened: Most requested features now in Yahoo! Axis 1.1

  • Posted July 30th, 2012 at 8:21 am by Yahoo! Search
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Back in May, we launched Yahoo! Axis – a visually rich new search browser that seamlessly connects search and browse experiences across your desktop and iOS devices.  The response that we got was enthusiastic – you can check out some of the reviews here and here.

But, we’re most excited about all the comments, questions and feature ideas that we got from you all – our users. Last night, we rolled out an update to Yahoo! Axis on the desktop and iOS that now offers enhanced performance and the most frequently requested user features.

Desktop Browser Plug-in Updates:

  • Close Option: Now, you can close Axis with a simple click on any web page so that it never interferes with your browsing experience.  By clicking on the ‘X,’ Axis will disappear on the page.  To make Axis visible again, simply reload the page or navigate to a new page.


New features for Yahoo! Axis iOS include:

  • Opening links in new tabs: Many of you wanted to be able to open a web link in a new tab. Now, whenever you press down on a link, Axis gives you the option of opening the link in your current tab, in a new tab or simply copying the link.  Navigating web sites just got a lot smoother in Axis.

  • Private Browsing Mode: Yahoo! Axis now offers a more robust private browsing mode on iPhone and iPad.  When activated, Axis will not store cookies or web site browsing so you can keep your Axis experiences private.  With private browsing mode, you also have the option to keep all your tabs open or close all tabs when you enter or exit the mode. Bookmarks created during ‘Private Browsing Mode’ will be preserved and will be shown along with the regular bookmarks, across all devices.

  • Secured Site Lock: Easily identify secured web sites before entering in personal information, such as login or credit card information.  With the new lock graphic, which is displayed in the Axis title bar on secured web sites, you’ll be able to more easily keep your information safe and share it only with trusted sites.

  • Increased Security: Axis data, such as search history, browsing history and bookmarks, is now encrypted locally to keep you and your personal information even more secure.

Additionally, we’re always focused on ensuring that Axis performs quickly and seamlessly so we’ve released several enhancements to improve the overall performance across iOS and desktop. Check out the new version of Axis today and let us know what you think!

Yahoo! Axis team


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