Yahoo! Search Trends: Happy New Year – now on to the resolutions!

Top searched diets on Yahoo! in the past 7 days:

1.       Atkins diet

2.       HCG diet

3.       Paleo diet

4.       Low Carb diet

5.       Pink Method diet

6.       17 day diet

7.       Dukan diet

8.       Cabbage Soup diet

9.       Vegan diet

10.   Dr. Oz diet


Interesting diet trends on Yahoo!:

·         Searches on Yahoo! for “weight loss plans” are up 12749% this week

o   73% of searches come from females this week

·         17 day diet plan searches are up 915% on Yahoo! this week

·         Lemonade diet searches are up 856% on Yahoo! this week

·         Vegetarian diet searches are up 825% on Yahoo! this week

·         The top regions searching for “weight loss plans” this week are:

o   Charlottesville (VA)

o   Macon (GA)

o   Topeka (KS)

o   Florence-Myrtle Beach (SC)

o   Binghamton (NY)

o   Birmingham (AL)

o   Providence-New Bedford (RI)

o   La Crosse-Eau Claire (WI)

o   Baltimore (MD)

o   Santabarbra-Sanmar-Sanluob (CA)


New Year’s Resolutions trends on Yahoo!:

·         Searches for “funny new year’s resolutions” are up 3188% this week on Yahoo!

·         “New Year’s resolution humor” searches are spiking 1626% this week on Yahoo!

·         “stop smoking herbs” are spiking 53% this week on Yahoo!


How To trends on Yahoo! :

·         Searches for the following “how to” questions are spiking this week on Yahoo!:

o   “How to save money” up 491%

o   “how to lose 10 pounds” up 339%

o   “how to start a blog” up 288%

o   “how to lower blood pressure” up 114%

o   “how to lower cholesterol” up 109%


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