Meet The New BOSS: Yahoo! Search launches a new home for Search BOSS and three new offerings launches with new offerings for site owners, developers and publishers; Yahoo! unveils new updates for the BOSS API

When launched, Yahoo! Search BOSS, offered developers a search API with the power, simplicity, and flexibility demanded by the marketplace. Yahoo!’s BOSS API currently enables thousands of customers with “Search as a Service,” used in a wide variety of online applications. The BOSS API was just the beginning.

Today, we are announcing a new home for Yahoo! Search BOSS,, and three new BOSS offerings: BOSS Hosted Search, BOSS Site Search and BOSS Shortcuts. The new offerings address user engagement, traffic recirculation, monetization, and high development and maintenance costs.

Whether you’re a site owner looking for a robust customizable search solution, a developer that needs the utmost flexibility for search as a service, or a publisher that needs quality solutions that deliver higher user engagement, has it all.

BOSS Hosted Search, available globally today, offers a free-of-charge web search experience, highly customizable right out of the box. In minutes, you can configure a web search experience much like the Yahoo! Search page with structured content, search refiners, image modules and other rich assets. Simply pick the bells and whistles that meet the look and feel you desire, insert the generated code snippet into your page and you are done. It is Search built your way and offers opportunity to apply for revenue sharing through search advertising.

BOSS Site Search. The concept of Site Search has been around for many years, but the products available in the marketplace leave a lot to be desired. Publishers deserve a solution that is more focused on the content of their site, that delivers results that are highly relevant and fresh, that offers rich customizations, and that can be deployed with ease.

Available globally today through our Private Alpha program, BOSS Site Search provides a hosted site search solution that delivers results that are highly relevant and fresh. This enables you to keep your users more engaged with your content and stay longer on your site.

BOSS Shortcuts.  Search is more than just the perfect display of meaningful results based on user keywords. It’s also about recommending related content based on the context of what a user is reading on a publisher site. Existing solutions are often over-commercialized, deliver poor results and drive users away.

Available today through our Private Alpha program for the US, Canada, India, and UK markets, BOSS Shortcuts delivers technology that understands the content to help analyze your article pages and find terms that engage with your audience. When users click on these terms a contextual window is presented filled with highly relevant results from your site, the web, and our ad marketplace.

New Yahoo! Search BOSS API Updates

In addition to the new BOSS products, we are pleased to unveil new updates for the Yahoo! Search BOSS API:

·      Making Ads Simpler and Easier – Today, we are making the process of signing up for Yahoo! Ads and getting access to them easier. After completing a simple application form, start getting access to ads and monetizing offerings within a few days. And best of all, both ads and search results continue to be from the same service, and developers get one simple statement at the end of the month. Learn more from the documentation and in the FAQ.

·      New Markets — This morning we added more than 10 new markets for which we now serve search results. Flemish you say, well we got it covered. See a full list for all the various services.

It has been a momentous year for Yahoo! Search BOSS, from the launch of BOSS v2 in April, continued addition of new features, and today’s news of the new BOSS Portal and additional API updates.

Please keep a watch out on the Yahoo! Search blog and on the BOSS API Yahoo! group for  many more interesting additions coming your way for 2012.

– Ashim Chhabra and the Yahoo! Search BOSS team: Nagesh Pobbathi, Varun Aggarwal, Rahul Hampole, Himanshu Bafna, Srinivas Deeduvanu, Gloria Chien, and Eshwar Rao

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Comment by tutorialhk
2011-12-09 07:18:44

Good advertisement

Comment by Mark McCulloch
2011-12-14 10:52:25

Very interesting post I have yet to try out yahoo search marketing but definetely looking forward to doing so

Comment by hubsol
2011-12-21 21:39:09

thats good way for marketing web sites

2011-12-22 19:20:47

I think advertisement on yahoo is cheaper and better than that of Google as theirs a lot of a competition, which ends up raising the price for certain keywords.

Comment by tiko
2011-12-23 12:06:14

I like this post

Comment by Den
2011-12-25 19:57:55

The changes will be?

Comment by ForumFlasherCenter
2012-01-10 21:21:37

I think advertisement on yahoo is cheaper and better than that of Google as theirs a lot of a competition, which ends up raising the price for certain keywords

2012-01-14 08:54:16

thanks for this nice post.
I think yahoo is better than google. compleet.

Comment by Rank Birth
2012-01-26 19:54:09

Wow I’m really excited. Thanks for share buddy

Comment by trang tri den led
2012-02-22 01:51:50

thanks you verry much

2012-02-28 08:18:33

i’m eager to see the changes. i was usually more of a google person, but i have to say yahoo has stepped it up. always making more improvements to help our searches. very impressed


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