Starring Interesting Questions on Yahoo! Answers

  • Posted January 17th, 2007 at 10:01 am by Yahoo! Search
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We just rolled out our most recent product update on Yahoo! Answers. Among the enhancements, the team introduced a new way for users to share questions that they find interesting on Yahoo! Answers, called “stars”.

When you star a question, we add that question to your Answers profile page where you can see all your activity, points, questions, answers, etc.


This activity, along with all the other ways users tell us what they like (and don’t like) on Yahoo! Answers, we use to help surface the most interesting questions and answers for the rest of the Yahoo! community ‘ much like Flickr Interestingness and Delicious Popular.

For the complete story, please see Elizabeth’s post on the Yahoo! Answers blog.

Tara Kirchner
Yahoo! Search

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Comment by jamie
2007-01-18 15:37:31

Why did you guys role out a new update for one thing when there is something majorly broken with another thing. For some of the phrases I search for every single title in the top ten has the exact same phrase which the website does not feature. Can you please explain what is going on with Yahoo’s search engine.

Comment by priyank
2007-01-20 01:14:34

Could you provide some query examples so that we can look more into this?


Comment by Answers GURU
2007-05-04 13:42:38

I myself have a answers blog and write original content daily, its so easy really to make a living online working every day for hours for 5 years you all have paid me so well. I mean its not like google just gives money away to 3rd world countries with no effort and little to no effort on their behave starving the over 130 IQ hard workers in North america by paying them next to nothing.

2007-05-07 12:16:21

yes, yahoo must be more focus on cleaning up the search results.

Comment by Scented Candles
2007-05-07 12:17:45

thanks to yahoo to make the world of internet easier….

2007-05-07 12:19:37

What happened to my ranking ? I know a new algo update, but website is no where to be seen..

2007-05-07 12:21:19

Please kindly clean up the results asap. thanks.

Comment by video
2007-05-21 06:08:16

i agree with you priyad


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