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As we announced in October 2010, we are getting ready to launch a new version of Yahoo! Search BOSS in the coming months and will be closing the current version this summer. We are now pleased to provide further details to help developers prepare for the transition, and are planning to provide specific technical documentation by March 1st 2011, prior to releasing the new BOSS.

The new BOSS service will enable “Search in the Cloud,” serving a robust set of web, image and news search results. A more limited web results service with a lower price point will also be available for developers who can utilize a subset of BOSS content to meet their application requirements. BOSS V2 will provide a self-serve sign up mechanism through the Yahoo! Developer Network, where developers will be able to enter their payment information and request advertising through the combined Yahoo! and Microsoft marketplace.


The following pricing chart reflects the fee structure we expect to offer at launch:

BOSS Pricing

Each query will return a predetermined number of results.  Developers will be charged for queries received by Yahoo! based on the applicable price for query type, and be billed on a monthly basis, or more frequently, depending on a developer’s query volume. Developers will also be allowed a fixed number of free queries before their usage is charged.

Search Advertising

We encourage BOSS developers to use Yahoo! Search advertising to build a sustainable business for their applications, and those qualifying for Yahoo! Search advertising will be served ads in their BOSS API calls. Through the Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance, we believe we have a robust marketplace and search advertising platform that will meet customers’ needs. In addition, we encourage developers to experiment with other advertising formats such as display. (And, don’t forget that Yahoo!, as the leader in online display advertising, can help. Click here for more details on Yahoo’s display advertising products.)


With the new version, we will be publishing Yahoo! branding guidelines for BOSS and will require all applications to include recognition of the Yahoo! brand.  We want you to be able to leverage the Yahoo! brand to help signify the valuable platform on which your applications are built.


BOSS has always been and will be about developers. Our goal is to provide a product that allows you to build sustainable businesses via interesting cloud based search technology at a fair cost. In addition, we encourage BOSS developers to monetize your products using Yahoo! Search advertising – this will enable a long-term, symbiotic relationship between developers, consumers and Yahoo! Our pricing scheme is designed to reflect our belief in this ecosystem.

Once again, we are excited to bring developers our next version of BOSS very soon, and we are always looking to hear from you about new and interesting ways you want to use BOSS. Keep a watch out on the BOSS group for more updates.

Rahul Hampole

Yahoo! Search BOSS Team

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