Yahoo! Answers: Streamlining Search

  • Posted July 16th, 2010 at 4:05 pm by Yahoo! Search
  • Categories: Answers

Coming off the heels of the largest-ever Q&A with David Beckham on Yahoo!, Yahoo! Answers has even more exciting news. This week, the Yahoo! Answers team made a slew of improvements that streamline search to find the information you want on the world’s most popular question-and-answer site.

First up, we have three new sorting options near the top of the search page. You can now sort search results by “Relevance,” “Newest” and “Most Answers.”

If you have a tendency to search for a particular topic more than others, you can now perform an “Advanced Search” and save your filter settings for future searches. You can add up to ten saved searches to the “My Saved Searches” list and edit or delete them as you wish.

For more information, and a tip on how to score 20 easy Yahoo! Answers points, check out this post from the Yahoo! Answers blog.

Yahoo! Search Team

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Comment by Anny
2010-07-22 00:35:05

Oh,Yahoo got a new search model.This will be good for the user.

Comment by Akhilesh Sharma
2010-07-22 03:06:54

Great. Yahoo Answers in for a change.

Comment by Joel
2010-08-03 02:07:35

Yahoo answers is the best Q&A site anyone will like. The sort search will really help people like yahoo answers more. Thanks for the information.

Comment by Dan
2010-08-23 23:02:53

Y!A is the best Q and A site but the site itself could be more attractive – too many links on one page all of the time.

Comment by Cobra
2011-01-12 11:19:16

Yahoo! Answers will give you all the incorrect answers you seek. Its answers are provided by people who don’t know what they are talking about.

Comment by StevJerd
2011-06-27 23:38:28

Thanks for the good things that yahoo offers.

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2011-07-26 11:02:01

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Comment by george james
2011-07-27 18:25:21

Its is the best place to get your questions answered. You just need quality contents

Comment by Antoine Cole
2011-08-01 13:33:02

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Comment by Misty Libby
2011-08-01 23:03:19

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Comment by Sarah Hansen
2011-08-02 06:34:05

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