Yahoo! Search Marketing Eliminates Minimum Spend

If you ever thought about initiating a sponsored search campaign with Yahoo!
Search Marketing
, but were somewhat hesitant to start one because of required minimum spends, worry no more.

We’ve eliminated the $20 monthly minimum spending requirement for Sponsored Search. Previously, all Sponsored Search advertisers were required to spend at least $20 a month in click-through charges. Now, whether you are considering becoming an advertiser or are currently an advertiser, you can choose to spend as much or as little as you like, with no minimum to meet.

We appreciate your business and hope this change makes advertising with us even easier. As always, we value your feedback, so if you have any questions please contact us using the support request form within your account.

John Slade
Sr. Director, Global Product Management, Yahoo! Search Marketing

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Comment by Ed
2005-10-22 16:25:25

Fantastic news. Does this apply only to US advertisers, or also to international accounts? Also, are plans underway to make it easier to advertise across several geographies without having to set up multiple accounts? Many thanks

Comment by rogerd
2005-10-24 06:03:57

This is good news. You never know when one of those small advertisers will get some good experience and up their budget by a digit or three.

Comment by Morten
2005-10-25 01:50:20

Fine. And when will the minimum cpc be removed as well? :)

Comment by Keith
2005-10-25 06:36:27

It would be nice if they would eliminate their 3 day average replenish amount.

Comment by George
2005-11-09 18:02:47

I just went over there and was in the middle of signing up, but the terms of service still says that the minimum spend is $20 when you click the find out more here link. Is there still a minimum spend or are the TOS incorrect?

Comment by John Slade
2005-11-10 12:11:08

Apologies for the confusion, we are in the process of updating our pages.

We have eliminated the $20 monthly minimum spending requirement for Yahoo’s Sponsored Search.

Comment by Ricky
2005-12-02 13:08:44

I signed up for $100 for the Yahoo! Search Marketing program. I could not get past the 27 pages of T&C’s, much less wade thru the utter nonsense keywords that some robot (professional writer?) picked off my website.


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