Introducing Yahoo! Axis: Searching and Browsing Redefined

  • Posted May 23rd, 2012 at 7:02 pm by Yahoo! Search
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Search is really important—it touches our users more than 1 billion times per day. From helping users search and browse topics of interest, to seeing what’s going on in the world, to getting every day things done—search is at the center of it all. At Yahoo!, our vision has been devoted to delivering answers, not links. Over the past 18 months we have been focused on just that; innovating the user experience, creating new content experiences, surfacing a wide array of structured content, optimizing for mobile, and delivering rich answers instantly at your fingertips. Today I’m pleased to announce the next evolution in that strategy.

Over the last couple of years, there has been an ongoing shift in computing usage patterns as people increasingly spend more time on mobile devices. Some users are even spending more time searching and browsing the web on their phones and tablets than ever before. This shift has led to the need to rethink everything – from the most basic conventions of how a user searches the web, to how content and results are presented, to accessing that content across multiple devices. With a mobile-first focus, we set out to completely re-think and re-design how users search and browse the web.

In a blog post a few months back, I wrote about why Yahoo! Search is ready to fight, touching on our focus to innovate on the user experience and build the best technology platforms that leverage the latest and greatest in open source technologies. I talked about what to expect over the next 18 months – a search experience that shifted from a destination to a companion, from more links to better information, from fragmented devices to seamless connectivity. I’m pleased to present our first major step in that direction.

Yahoo! Axis in Action

Meet Yahoo! Axis
Yahoo! Axis is a completely new way to search and browse the web. By supercharging the browser with a visually rich search experience and seamlessly connecting that experience across all of your devices, we are delivering an experience that will change the game. In its simplest form, Axis is a mobile browser available for iPhone and iPad, and a desktop plugin available for your favorite HTML5-enabled browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) that removes the friction from getting you to the content you want.

Yahoo! Axis is available on iPhone and iPad, and desktop browser.

Yahoo! Axis provides a seamless experience across devices

A New Mobile Browser
On the iPad and iPhone, we built a fully featured mobile browser that integrates the search experience directly into the app. No matter what page you’re on or what you’re doing, you can easily reveal your search results or search for something new – without ever having to leave the page. We are also moving away from the plain ten blue links to give you a richer, more visual search experience by surfacing the page previews of results instantly as you type, letting you see the page before ever clicking on it. Through our combined search and URL box, you will instantly start seeing the page previews of results and sites as you type, whether you’re researching how to train for the next triathlon or simply just trying to get to Twitter. We decided to remove all the noise so you can focus on what you really want.

That’s not all. You can also search for images and enjoy a wholly new bookmarking experience that includes page previews of all your sites. We’ve also added useful features like Pinterest integration and sharing, and made using tabs even easier.

Sleek design across iPad and iPhone devices

A New Kind of Search
On the desktop, we built a browser plug-in that works with all of your favorite HTML5-enabled browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) that delivers that same visually rich companion search experience. Axis on the desktop is a small search box that sits in the lower left corner of your browser window that goes with you where you go. Simply start typing into it and it expands into a visually rich and powerful search experience providing the same visually stunning page previews, instant answers, and rich images. With Axis on desktop, you get all the benefits of this new search and experience, while still using your existing browser. Download it today for your favorite browser, and check it out.

Yahoo! Axis available on the desktop across a variety of operating systems

A Personalized & Seamless Experience
One more thing, we decided to make it easy to connect all of your devices together. With Axis, simply start browsing on one device and seamlessly continue onto another. You can access a site you bookmarked from your iPhone on your iPad or Desktop. You can go to your own personalized home page, which can be customized to display your favorite sites or articles, no matter where you are or what device you’re on – it always is with you. With Axis, you no longer need to suffer from a fragmented experience – we wanted your data to be about you, not your device.

Axis is the only mobile browser that connects with any major desktop browser. You can move seamlessly from your iPhone to your iPad and always pick up where you left off. Just because you use more than one device doesn’t mean you should have to start over every time you switch devices.

Take your Yahoo! Axis homepage from device to device

Changing the Game
Axis is the first of its kind to challenge the status quo of the typical search and browse experience; a results page, ten blue links, clicking back and forth between links and the results page, the need to start over when you move to another device. With Axis, never again will you have to stop what you are doing to enter a search and go to a search results page—search is now transformed into a true companion, not a destination. You are no longer forced to dive into a sea of blue text links, now just enjoy visually rich page previews of results that will help you get to your destination effortlessly. You no longer need to start over when moving to a different device, now just simply pick up any other device and seamlessly continue what you were doing with no effort.

Axis is the first time the search experience evolves from a destination to a companion. It’s the first search experience to provide visually rich page previews of results instantly as you type. It’s the first mobile browser that connects with any major desktop browser. Axis is the first browser to really change the game.

With the introduction of Yahoo! Axis, we are stepping outside the box to give the world another option – a new, different and exciting way to explore your interests and the web. Axis offers a fundamentally new and dramatically different experience that we think will change the game. Starting today, search and browsing will never be the same and we’re excited to offer you a better way. Think of this as a sneak peek of what’s to come; we’re planning for Yahoo! Axis in more markets, on mobile devices, and with more killer features in the coming future. Try it out – we’d love to hear from you.

Axis on.

Ethan & the Axis Team

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