March Madness on Yahoo! Search

Searches this week on Yahoo! for “March Madness brackets” are up 320% and searches for “March Madness” are up 200%. When tracking your favorite team and keeping up with your tournament bracket, you can turn to Yahoo! for your search needs. More than a thousand NCAA March Madness related searches will trigger a module on top of the Yahoo! search results page with real-time stats on the tournament, with scores, schedules, rankings and news.

Until the games begin, you will see the following “Tournament Pick’em” display on top of the results page for all general NCCA March Madness searches.

Once the tournament begins, all general march madness searches will provide the latest scores and stats. During the bulk of the tournament, four scores will appear at once.  When the early games are completed, they are sent to the “back of the line” in the module and the closest upcoming game (in accordance to the tip-off time) appears on top of the search results. Here is an example of how it will look like:

You can also search for your favorite college basketball team in the tournament and see the last game score and upcoming games (when dates are available). For example, when searching for the latest news on Harvard’s entry into the bracket, you will see a search result display highlighting the latest on this team. The best way to trigger the module is to search for the college name plus basketball (eg Harvard basketball).

Be sure to check out what we are doing across Yahoo! on Yodel Anecdotal. Enjoy the madness!

– Chia-Chen Chang, Brian Davis and the Yahoo! Search team


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