Yahoo! Search Trends: Online Searches Show Odds Are Forever In Favor of The Hunger Games

Twilight’s on its final run. Harry Potter has flown out of the theaters. What’s next?  The Hunger Games. And, people are scouring Yahoo! for anything they can find out about the upcoming movie. Did you know?: Of the total searches on Yahoo! this year (past 365) for The Hunger Games, Twilight Breaking Dawn: Part I, […]

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Yahoo! Search Data Predicts ‘War Horse’ to Win Best Picture Academy Award

Yahoo!’s Search Data and Movie Expert Reveal Which Oscar Nominees Are Movie-goers’ Favorites and the Academy’s Favorites The Academy Awards are upon us and Yahoo! has collected data for the most popular nominee-related searches executed from January 1st to February 5th, 2012. Kicking off the data with Best Picture, ‘War Horse’ was the top searched […]

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Yahoo! Search Trends: New England Patriots Rush Ahead of New York Giants with 50% More Yahoo! Searches

As the nation awaits Super Bowl 46, people are heading to Yahoo! to get the inside scoop on one of the most popular sporting events of the year!  Yahoo! searches this week for “Indianapolis Super Bowl 2012” are up 1,743%. Who Will Win? If online searches were an indicator of who might win this year’s […]

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