Yahoo! Search Trends: Holidays 2011

From gift ideas and holidays songs to Christmas trees and Menorah’s, the holiday season is in full swing and people across the country are turning to Yahoo! to make their winter wonderland even more spectacular.

Hot Holiday Searches on Yahoo!:

  • Big Screen vs. Small Screen: Whether it’s the hottest new Christmas movie or catching the stop motion animation of Rudolph on television, the big screen and small screen bring a sense of nostalgia to many Americans during the holiday season. Yahoo! searches this month for Charlie Brown Christmas are up 1,929% and searches for How the Grinch Stole Christmas are up 1,787%.
  • Decorations: Prepping for the Christmas holiday oftentimes begins around Thanksgiving and continues untilChristmas, and this year, everything from lights and tress to wreaths and ornaments are capturing interest online. Searches this month on Yahoo! for fiber optic Christmas trees are up 2,764% and searches for pre-lit Christmas treesare up 1,929%.
  • Ugly Sweaters: The ugly Christmas sweater parties that have swept the nation over the last few years are likely the reason that we’re seeing interest in the topic. This month on Yahoo!, searches for Christmas sweaters are up 5,689%. And, searches on Yahoo! for ugly Christmas sweatersare up 69% compared to 2010.
  • Leaping for LeapPads: As noted in an article by Piper Weiss, Yahoo! Shine, in 1984 people trampled over each other for the last Cabbage Patch Kid, but this year, the battle lines are drawn over the LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet, with 14% of Americans planning on gifting the touch screen toy this year. Searches on Yahoo! this month for the LeapFrog LeadPad Explorer” are up 11,531% and searches for the “LeapFrog Explorer” are up 3,308%. Top states searching Yahoo! this month for this season’s hottest toy: New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, New York, and Maryland.

o   Did you Know?:

  • Many holiday gifts require batteries, a cost that can add up over the course of the year when products require a fresh set, but many people are wising up by purchasing rechargeable batteries. Searches on Yahoo! for “rechargeable batteries” are up 310% compared to 2010.
  • “Artificial Christmas Tree” searches on Yahoo! are up 622% compared to 2010.
  • “Christmas Cactus” searches are up 3,754% this month on Yahoo!.
  • Yahoo! searches for “Christmas decorations 2011” this month are up 2,489%.
  • Outdoor Christmas lights” searches on Yahoo! this month are up 2,472%.
According to Yahoo!, the Christmas searches this month (past 30 days) include:
1.     Christmas cards
2.     Santa Claus
3.     Christmas trees
4.     Christmas pictures
5.     Christmas music
6.     Christmas gift ideas
7.     Christmas song lyrics
8.     Christmas ornaments
9.     Christmas lights
10.  Christmas poems

According to Yahoo!, the top Hanukkah searches this month (past 30 days) include:
1.     Hanukkah candles
2.     Hanukkah gifts
3.     Hanukkah cards
4.     Menorah
5.     When is Hanukkah?
6.     Dreidel
7.     Hanukkah decorations
8.     What is Hanukkah?
9.     Hanukkah crafts
10.  Hanukkah recipes

From 24/7 holiday radio stations to the officemate who plays holiday music from Dec. 1 until Jan. 1, whether you like the holidays or not, it’s hard to escape the music.

According to Yahoo!, the top searched holiday songs this month (past 30 days) include:
1.     “The 12 Days of Christmas”
2.     “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer”
3.     “All I Want for Christmas Is You”
4.     “Frosty the Snowman”
5.     “Jingle Bells”
6.     “Oh Holy Night”
7.     “Feliz Navidad”
8.     “Jingle Bell Rock”
9.     “Silent Night”
10.  “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”

What are you looking forward to most this holiday season? For many Americans, homemade cookies, gingerbread houses, and secret family recipes bring a feeling of nostalgia, and Yahoo! searches reveal what people are looking forward to this holiday season!

Hot Holiday Food Searches on Yahoo!:

  • Christmas Cookies: During the holiday season, it’s difficult to escape sweet treats, especially cookies, and thisyear will likely be no different. Searches on Yahoo! for “Christmas cookie recipes” are up 207% and searches for “easy Christmas cookie recipes” are up 193%. Top states searching for “Christmas cookie recipes” this week on Yahoo! include: Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. See below for additional cookie searches this week on Yahoo!.
  • Gingerbread: Whether it’s cookies or making houses, gingerbread is a holiday staple. Searches this week on Yahoo! for “gingerbread cookie recipe” are up 257%. Of the searches for “gingerbread cookie recipe” this week, 13% are coming from those 13 and under. Also spiking this week on Yahoo!: “gingerbread men” (up 70% this week), “gingerbread free patterns” (up 88% this week), and “gingerbread houses” (up 52% this week).
  • Fudge: For many Americans, the holidays are when they root through old cookbooks for familyfavorite fudge recipes, but this year, many people are opting to turn to Yahoo! to put a twist on their family favorites. Searches on Yahoo! for “chocolate fudge recipe” this week are up 180% and searches for “easy fudge recipes” are up 132%. Searches for “peanut butter fudge” are also spiking this week. Of the searches for “chocolate fudge recipe” this week on Yahoo!, 64% are coming from women.

And whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Festivus or hold out for the New Year’s Eve parties, food is a holiday staple.

According to Yahoo!, the top searched recipes this month (past 30 days) include:  

1.     Christmas cookie recipes
2.     Sugar cookie recipes
3.     Fudge recipes
4.     Appetizer recipes
5.     Christmas candy recipes
6.     Gingerbread recipes
7.     Egg nog recipes
8.     Snickerdoodle recipes
9.     Peppermint bark recipes
10.  Fruitcake recipes


According to Yahoo!, the top searched cookies this month (past 30 days) include:
1.     Christmas cookies
2.     Sugar cookies
3.     Gingerbread cookies
4.     Peanut butter cookies
5.     Snickerdoodles
6.     Chocolate chip cookies
7.     No bake cookies
8.     Oatmeal cookies
9.     Biscotti
10.  Shortbread cookie

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