Yahoo! Search launches E-Commerce Site Search on Y! Small Business

  • Posted November 17th, 2011 at 6:00 am by Yahoo! Search
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We’re pleased to announce that our new E-Commerce Site Search went live on Yahoo! Small Business recently.  E-Commerce, in general, represents a growth area with online retail sales growing at over 17%(1) while still accounting for less than 5% of the overall retail sales in the US. And Yahoo! Small Business represents a significant chunk of this E-Commerce industry with billions of dollars in sales through its merchant network of tens of thousands of online stores.

Yahoo! E-Commerce Site Search brings together many of the strengths in Y! Search – science, design and engineering, to provide a more relevant and engaging search experience. Using our new search, pilot stores have seen Search Conversion increase by as much as 40% and Search influenced orders increase by up to 50%.

Specifically, E-Commerce Site Search boasts these features:

  • Powerful new ranking function based on 1) the novel cross-domain transfer learning, 2) past sales for merchants and 3) merchant inputs like promotions or paid listings
  • Configurable search page so that merchants can create their own unique search experience – set fonts, colors, search refiners, number of results per page, grid view vs. list view, etc.
  • “Add to cart” directly from the search page
  • Sort results by relevance, pricing low to high and high to low
  • Hosted on iframe so that merchants get the latest search experience with limited coding, yet have flexibility to control the experience outside the iframe
  • Fully-automated and simple process for a partner to go live – all tracking codes generated automatically and no manual handholding necessary
  • Scalable back-end that supports both Y! Shopping taxonomy and merchant’s own taxonomy
  • Monetization through search ads as an option

Check out some stores that have our search implemented:


– Nagesh Pobbathi, Director, Search Product Management, Yahoo!

(1) In the second quarter of 2011 vs. the second quarter of 2010


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