Yahoo! Search Trends: Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week

November 13 marks the beginning of Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week across the country, and not only are people going online to learn about the challenges Americans are facing in a post-recession economy, but as food prices skyrocket and employment opportunities remain minimal, many Americans are turning to the Internet to get more information on assistance programs.

Hunger at Home: For some Americans, they may be surprised to know that hunger is truly a crisis here in the United States. From parents selling their possessions to feed their family to debates on whether to pay the bills or feed their families, Americans across the country are literally starving. And, thus far this year, searches for “food banks” on Yahoo! are already over 10 times higher than the total number of searches in 2010. Of the searches for “food bank” this year (since August), 36% of searches are coming from kids under 18.

According to Yahoo!, the top states searching for food stamps this month include:

1.      Florida

2.      Georgia

3.      Texas

4.      Louisiana

5.      Illinois

6.      New Jersey


When it comes to taking action, women are leading the charge.

  • More than 69% of the searches on Yahoo! for “food stamps” this month came from women.
  • Of the searches for “food stamps” this month on Yahoo!, 65% came from men and women ages 25-54.

Did you know: Searches on Yahoo! this month for “food basics” are up 201%?

Back to Basics: The basics are about all that a person can afford on the $4 per day weekly food stamp allowance, so more and more people rely on food banks for supplemental nutrition.

According to Yahoo!, the top hunger related searches over the past three years include:

1.      Food Stamps

2.      Angel Food Ministries

3.      WIC

4.      US Food Service

5.      Meals on Wheels

6.      Free Food

7.      Child Hunger Ends Here

8.      Food Banks

9.      Hunger

10.  Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl

According to Yahoo!, the top food related searches this month include:

  • “Check food stamp balance”
  • “Food storage”
  • “Hunger strike”
  • “Second Harvest Food Bank”
  • “Food Stamps application”
  • “Food Stamps by state”

Want to learn more about how you can help prevent hunger and homelessness in your community and assist those in need? Check out the below resources for more information:


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