An employee speaks out: Yahoo! Search is ready to fight

  • Posted September 23rd, 2011 at 10:07 am by Yahoo! Search
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Yahoo! Search’s Ethan Batraski just posted his opinion piece on Yodel (Yahoo!’s corporate blog) on “Yahoo! Search is ready to fight.” His post is the second in a Yodel blog series called “In My Own Words.” (Paul Cushman penned the first article in the series, which posted last week, Why Yahoo! is a player in Mobile.)

Here is how it starts:

Amidst never-ending stories about “Yahoo! exiting the Search game,” or “…stopping innovation in Search,” I feel compelled to share why Yahoo! Search has always been and remains committed to changing the face of search – with adrenaline pumping and arms swinging.

As the lead of a skunkworks-esque group that focuses on radical new experiences beyond traditional search, I can tell you that Yahoo! is in the most exciting phase of its entire 16-year history. My view is that it’s fight, not flight, for the company and there has never been a time where so many people have wanted to fight like today. Yahoo! Search has some product experiences that are so radically different, you’ll sit back in your seat thinking, “what the &$%# just happened?”

For the full article, view his post on Yodel.


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