Yahoo! Rolls Out Redesign for Search Results Pages

At Yahoo!, we’re always looking for ways to make the Yahoo! Search experience even more organized and streamlined while serving the most relevant content.  We have been working to unify the search experiences across web, multimedia, and vertical search results pages with a design that is clean and intuitive.  Today, we are pleased to bring the latest design changes to life across various search results pages!

The following changes are available now on the Web, Images, Video, News, Blogs, Finance and Sports search results pages:

  • Clean and Simple – A cleaner and simplistic look and feel that helps you find what is most important to you and to enable you to take action faster.
  • Automatic Tabs – Easily accessible tabs will automatically appear right below the Search box to give you the specialized content you may be looking for on our other vertical search results pages.  The tabs that may appear, based on the search results content, are Web, Images, Video, News, Blogs, Finance and Sports.
  • Left Filters – Filters on the left side of the results will appear, for sorting results by time and related searches.

The query-aware tabs make it easier for you to dive into a specific vertical search experience, such as the Sports search results page example below. The related athletes filter on the left, combined with sports videos results on the right, also enhance this results page.

The improved News search results page will also include filters on the left for news sources, as well as news videos to the right of the search results.

Since last month’s Image Search update, we have made the above changes to the Image search results page, plus we have added:

  • A larger pool of Facebook images to also include public profiles and fan pages
  • A richer “Latest” pictures experience from across even more Yahoo! content
  • Better recommendations at the end of galleries

Below is an example of the Image search results page for the “President Obama” query, which brings you the latest, most relevant pictures to the top, and indicates how long ago each image was published.

For the same query, you can also click on “Facebook” on the left rail to get the most popular public Facebook albums on President Obama.

If you type in “sunset,” amazing galleries from Yahoo! News, Flickr and omg! surface.  You’ll also see an end-of-gallery page with more recommendations for continued searching.

On the Video search results page, we also feature videos from across various Yahoo! Properties, in addition to the top web videos.

The new design you see today incorporates feedback from users like you.  We are continuously making new improvements and looking for even more ways to make Yahoo! Search better for you.  Keep checking back in on the Search blog, as more changes are planned for the coming weeks.

Please check out the changes by doing a few searches on, and let us know what you think of the new search results pages.

– Paul Ko, Girish Ananthakrishnan and Caroline Tsay from the Yahoo! Search team



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