Yahoo! Search Trends: Natural Disasters

Between yesterday’s east coast earthquake and hurricane Irene, it should come as no surprise that Yahoo! searches for “end of the world 2012″ are up 183% today. One thing is for sure, if the end of the world is creeping up on us, men and women want to have as much information as possible when it comes to the latest natural disasters; although Yahoo! searches show that 66% searches for earthquake and hurricane preparedness come from women. Yahoo! searches reveal:

Natural Disaster Searches:

• Yahoo! searches for “earthquakes” are up 9,948% today.

• This past week, searches for “Japan earthquake” on Yahoo! are up 1,125%.

• Searches for the “latest on hurricane Irene” are up 433% today on Yahoo!.

• Today, Yahoo! searches for “hurricane preparedness checklist” are up 128% with women aged 45-54 leading the searches for “hurricane preparedness.”

• Yahoo! Searches for “hurricane kit” is spiking today.

• Searches for “tsunamis” are up 292% today on Yahoo!.


Top Searched Natural Disaster Questions on Yahoo! Today:

• Where is hurricane Irene?

• How to prepare for a hurricane?

• What causes earthquakes?


Top Searched Hurricanes on Yahoo! Today:

1.) Hurricane Irene

2.) Hurricane Katrina

3.) Hurricane Andrew

4.) Hurricane Hugo

5.) Hurricane Ike


Top States Searching for Hurricane Information on Yahoo! Today:

1.) North Carolina

2.) Florida

3.) South Carolina

4.) Texas

5.) Virginia

6.) Georgia

7.) New York

8.) Connecticut

9.) Maryland

10.) New Jersey


Top States Searching for “Hurricane Preparedness” on Yahoo! this Month:

1.) Florida

2.) Texas

3.) Louisiana

4.) South Carolina

5.) Georgia

6.) North Carolina

7.) California

8.) Virginia

9.) New York

10.) Alabama


Top Searched Earthquakes on Yahoo! Today:

1.) Virginia earthquakes

2.) California earthquakes

3.) Colorado earthquakes

4.) Maryland earthquakes

5.) New York earthquakes


Top States Searching for “Earthquake Preparedness” on Yahoo! this Month:

1.) California

2.) Massachusetts

3.) Illinois

4.) Pennsylvania

5.) Texas

6.) New York

7.) Missouri

8.) Georgia

9.) Washington

10.) Oklahoma

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