You asked for this: BOSS V2 Updates

We launched Yahoo! Search BOSS V2 in April, and thanks to you, the users, the service has been blowing past our expectations.  Back then, we promised that there was a lot more to come. Today we would like to announce a few updates to the service.

Control your daily usage limits

Many BOSS developers told us they wanted to be able to control their daily usage. Starting next wek, developers can specify a daily dollar limit for your service consumption. Of course, you can change that limit at any time and can make any combination of queries before hitting that limit. Learn more here on how to set this up. You truly control your own service.

HTTPS support for even more security

Even though we are the only Search API using oAuth, we decided to go one step further. We now allow you to use all the goodness of BOSS with HTTPS. You get all the same functionality that you have with BOSS V2 but you can affix a HTTPS to ensure additional peace of mind. Your search with even more security.


We know that a number of BOSS developers are more familiar with SQL and YQL. We have hence upgraded our BOSS mashup to work with V2, which allows for SQL type querying for the service. As shown in this example about 15 lines of code, you can put together a complete News module. You can also use a user created YQL table with BOSS V2. Download sample mashup code or start using YQLYour search made relational.

More BOSS news

We added more functionality to the BOSS news service. You can now search for specific headlines, news from a specific location and by specific language. All this powered by the great news content that is indexed by Yahoo! News. Your news, with even more control. 

Upgrades in the documentation

We have the best user community in the Search world and we listened to you. In addition to previous examples in PHP, we added code examples in Perl, Python, Ruby, Java and C# to make your jump to BOSS as painless as possible. We noticed the common pitfalls users faced and made sure to provide useful pointers where needed. Check out the documentation and start running with BOSS. Your documents, written your way.

What’s next?

We are truly only scratching the surface of what Y! Search BOSS can offer you. We’re working on delivering a new feature related to blog search. Stay in touch, we’ll share more details in posts to come.  

Also as we had announced back in April, we are shutting down BOSS v1 on July 20, 2011, so make sure you transition your applications. If you have any questions reach out to us on the BOSS Yahoo! Group – we are always waiting to help. 

– Rahul Hampole and your BOSS Team

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