Yahoo! Search Trends: Mother’s Day – Mom’s Want More Than Flowers and Breakfast in Bed

Mother’s Day Trends: Mom’s Want More Than Flowers and Breakfast in Bed

Who says we didn’t raise them well? Both sons and daughters have been prepping to celebrate their Mother’s since mid-April, but truth be told, females tend to be more conscientious in preparing for the occasion with 62% of searches on Yahoo! for “mother’s day” in the past 30 days coming from females. As for which states are most appreciative of mom, Maryland takes the top prize, followed by Arizona and Washington, but cities in Texas (Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin and Houston) are the most prepared this year, ranking 1, 2 and 3 respectively in the list of top 10 regions searching for “mother’s day” this month on Yahoo!.

Show your love with tokens of affection.  Breakfast in bed may be sweet, but this Mother’s Day kids of all ages are thinking outside the box for a more enduring and trendy reminder of filial devotion. Based on Yahoo! searches from the past 30 days, we’ve come up with a few age-appropriate suggestions for all types of moms from the fashionista and the culinary queen to the working mother trying to do it all, there is something for everyone this Mother’s Day.

Mom 21-29 Moms 30-44 Moms (and grandmoms) 45+
Splurge: Dolce & Gabbana

Salon time: Short hairstyles

Green baby: Cloth diapers

Accessorizing: Feather hair extensions

Footwear: Toe shoes

Give a pro: Landscaping design

Play time: Nintendo 3DS

Big ticket: Hybrid cars

All business: Blackberry Playbook (and “mobile phones” in general)

Budget treats: Popcorn Factory

Fantasy wear: Harem pants

Animal husbandry: Chicken coops. Or you can just get an outdoor kitchen.

Chance it: Lottery subscription

High seas: Cruises (aka Carnival, Celebrity, Norwegian, Royal Carribbean)

Elegant outing: Cocktail dresses

Tech toys: iPad 2

Chocolate: Cookies or mousse

Show time: Cirque du Soleil


Some items of interest across the board:

  • Reading is fundamental. A preponderance of tech toys mean many gifts from which to choose, but this year, e-readers are trending on Yahoo! The iPad leads the Kindle e-reader by 30% — and ladies who already own them are looking for accessories like “ipad 2 cases.” Some are already looking ahead: Searches for “ipad 3” are already percolating on Yahoo!.
  • On their behalf: Searches were off the charts for the recent quakes and tsunami in Japan, so this year give back with a donation in Mom’s name from the American Red Cross.
  • Gift Cards: Live far away? Give Mom the freedom to choose her own gift. The top searched shopping sites this month on Yahoo! range from Amazon and Target to Macy’s and QVC, giving mom free reign to go crazy on whatever has caught her eye.

Need more help finding mom a gift this year. Check out the Mother’s Day gift guide on Yahoo! Shopping. You can find details on the most popular gifts and even read through buying guides. And looking for a deal this Mother’s Day, check out the special Mother’s Day deals being offered.

 More than a mum for Mom. A recent Western Union survey claimed only one out of 10 people were thinking of flowers for mom. Then again, people may be tired of the usual blooms like daises, roses and carnations and are in search of unique, meaningful flowers this month on Yahoo! like orchids (spiking 158%), Peonies (spiking 47%) and even lavender (spiking 85%.)

 Fastest Spiking Flowers on Yahoo!, past 30 days (women 21-64):

  1. Orchid (searches up 158%). Like roses, the infinite variety of orchids all hold their own meaning, but since the Victorian age, the bloom bespeaks luxury.
  2. Peonies (+47%). Symbolizing riches and honor, it’s a good bouquet from the husband as it also stands for romance and happy marriages.
  3. Lavender (searches up 85%). Regarded as more of an herb then flower, nevertheless a spray makes for a less conventional bouquet and denotes wealth and wisdom 
  4. Lilac (searches up 56%). With roots in Greek mythology, this New Hampshire state flower represents spring, and by extension the first expression of love.
  5. Calla Lily (searches up 22%). The wedding standard often evokes the word “magnificence” and “beauty” in its meaning.

 Top 5 purses and handbags on Yahoo!, past 30 days (U.S. females 21-64)

  1. Louis Vuitton handbags
  2. Chanel Handbags
  3. Gucci bags
  4. Michael Kors Handbags
  5. Juicy Couture Handbags

 Top Searched Watches on Yahoo!, past 30 days (U.S. females 21-64)

  1. Fossil Watches
  2. Invicta Watches
  3. Citizen Watches
  4. Casio Watches
  5. Omega Watches

 Top Searched Denim on Yahoo!, past 30 days (U.S. females 21-64)

  1. True Religion Jeans
  2. Levis Jeans
  3. Pajamajeans
  4. Miss Me Jeans
  5. Apple Bottom Jeans

 Whether you live close and can take your mom out for a fun and trendy shopping trip or live farther away and are going the gift card route, the perfect mother’s day gift is out there for everyone.

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