Introducing Yahoo! KPost in Korea and Hong Kong

We’ve explored many new product ideas in Asian markets that folks in other parts of the world don’t often hear about.  This week we’re excited to share another new experimental product called Yahoo! KPost, which is now available in Hong Kong and Korea.  Here’s an overview of what KPost is all about.

At Yahoo!, we want to help you stay informed and share your knowledge about things that matter to you.  Yahoo! KPost combines search results directly with community generated content to help in content discovery and community building around shared interests. This exciting new product experiment for Yahoo! is one more way we’re fostering new types of content discovery across both search and social experiences.

While searching on Yahoo!, people in Hong Kong and Korea can use KPost to share and find up-to-date knowledge via engaging discussion forums with real people who share their interests.  Your search keywords become the forum, allowing you to create a new forum topic or participate in an existing discussion to exchange your knowledge with other Yahoo! searchers.

Kpost ipad example

In the less than month and a half since we introduced KPost, users in Hong Kong and Korea have created over 2,500 forums with nearly 40,000 posts.

If you are in one of these test markets, check it out in Korea or Hong Kong and let us know what you think of our latest social content discovery experiment.  We plan to roll KPost out to other Asian markets early next year, so stay tuned for more on this and other experiments in the future.

Jacky Lai
Product Manager, Yahoo! Search

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