Testing a Richer Yahoo! Search Assist

  • Posted November 17th, 2010 at 1:02 pm by Yahoo! Search
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Here at Yahoo!, we know that sometimes search is just about getting things done – fast. Whether you’re looking for the latest game score, nutritional facts about that latte you ordered this morning, or your favorite TV show – you should be able to find answers with little to no effort.

Today, Yahoo! Search is testing a beta version of a more intelligent and content-rich Search Assist (a technology that Yahoo! pioneered) with a fraction of searchers. If you’re not in our test group, check out these screenshots to see the current versions we’re trying out:

Yahoo Rich Assist beta example 1

Yahoo! Rich Assist beta example 2

Yahoo! Rich Assist beta example 3

The new rich Yahoo! Search Assist beta displays answers or direct links to them instantly as you type, and really pays attention to you as a user. It will give you an instant answer for many of your searches, or a helpful set of the top-clicked results for your topic, all within the Search Assist window. This new search innovation will change the way you consume information, making it an easy, enjoyable, and fast experience.

And this is only the first step in redefining how you use search. With this initial test, we are surfacing rich answers for sports players & teams, news, TV shows, and trending searches. We’re excited about this beta release and are looking forward to expanding coverage and making it available to more of you in the months to come.

Ethan Batraski
Group Product Manager, Yahoo! Search

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