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Why are searches for the “LeBron commercial” spiking off the charts?  Why are people suddenly looking for “Playstation phones”?  Which Halloween costume is getting more searches: “Chilean miner” or “Lady Gaga”? Find the answers to all these questions — and more — on the new Yahoo! Search Facebook page.

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At Yahoo! Search’s new home on Facebook, you can stay up to speed with everything going on in the Search world, including the latest updates and announcements from our Search team. You’ll also get trending search alerts across topics like news, sports, movies, and music.  Our Facebook page will also show you weekly Search tips, “What’s spiking?” quizzes, events, and giveaways.

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If you’ve got your fingers on the pulse of pop culture, then take Yahoo! Search’s latest challenge, the Yahoo! Pop Quiz, on our Facebook page. Answer as many questions as you can with 120 seconds on the clock — if you earn 1,000 points or more, you’ll be entered into our daily drawing for four free movie tickets, as well as the grand-prize drawing for a lifetime supply of movie tickets from There will be new winners every day.

We want to hear from you on the Yahoo! Search Facebook page, so post on our wall or let us know what you’d most like to see on the page by taking our one-question poll.

Join the crew! Give us a “like” on Facebook.

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