New Ticker and Athlete Suggestions for Yahoo! Finance and Sports Search

  • Posted October 14th, 2010 at 11:10 am by Yahoo! Search
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Ready for another earnings season? Yahoo! Finance Search is introducing a new feature for investors on the prowl for next big investment opportunity. When you enter tickers or company names in the search box, you may now find a new “Related Tickers” module in the left-side of your search result page for select queries. This new feature suggests up to 10 related tickers we think you might be interested in, so you can easily explore more information without having to think about your next search query.

finance search

We also enriched the Finance Search homepage with easy access to our finance-specific Trending Now terms. These spiking terms help investors quickly identify hot topics that other Yahoo! Finance users are searching for.

finance trending
Over at Yahoo! Sports Search, we enhanced the “Related Athletes” module on the left-side of search results pages with suggestions for members of a sports team. For example, when you search for “LA Lakers”, the “Related Athletes” module provides a list of athletes who play for the Los Angeles Lakers. Like the “Related Tickers” module on Finance Search, this new feature on Sports Search helps you quickly navigate to a player overview in your search results without entering another query in the search box.

sports search lakers

We hope these new features on Yahoo! Finance Search and Yahoo! Sports Search help you explore and discover information whether you’re searching for a company or your favorite athlete. Let us know how you’ve used Yahoo! Sports Search or Finance Search in the comments section below.

Rex Chen
Product Manager, Vertical Search

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