Coming Soon – Yahoo! Search BOSS V2: A Paid Service with Web, Images, and News

  • Posted October 8th, 2010 at 7:00 am by Yahoo! Search
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We are pleased to announce new details about Yahoo! Search BOSS.  Early in 2011, BOSS will transition to a paid model and we will round out the new version with monetization options and advanced security access (oAuth).

In 2008, Yahoo! launched BOSS (Build Your Own Search Service) to provide developers a way to leverage Yahoo!’s search infrastructure and foster innovation. The BOSS API currently connects to Yahoo!’s search infrastructure to allow individual developers, start-ups, and established consumer Internet companies to leverage the power of Yahoo!’s search capabilities.

The new BOSS V2 platform will initially offer a cost-per-query model. The cost will depend on the type of services used – web, image, news, etc. – and will likely vary from $0.40 to $0.75 CPM (cost per 1000 BOSS queries). Shortly after the BOSS V2 release, developers will also have the option to monetize their search experience through the ad marketplace resulting from the Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance. In addition, we plan to offer a nominally-priced version of BOSS for academia and non-profit organizations.

Some key points to note about the BOSS V2 platform:

  • BOSS will continue to be a RESTful API for web, image, and news search. Core web and image results will eventually be powered by the Microsoft search platform. In 2011, Yahoo! plans to expand upon these offerings.
  • BOSS plans to provide full flexibility to blend, stack, and re-rank results. You know your users best, so we will give you the ability to display exactly what they need. We also aim to continue enhancing the BOSS offering by providing additional vertical search services in the future.
  • We will require developers to access BOSS V2 via the Yahoo! Developer Network standard oAuth-based authentication.
  • BOSS V2 will provide a self-service payment model. We plan to offer developers the ability to add credit-card authentication at sign-up and to check usage, billing, and other information on a completely redesigned dashboard interface.

We plan to provide BOSS developers with 60 days from the launch of BOSS V2 to move to the new service.  After that time, BOSS V1 will not be available. Certain features, including structured data, Key Terms, Delicious data, and the Site Explorer Service may not be available in BOSS V2.

We will announce a firm date for the release of BOSS V2, more details about the cost-per-query, and updates on functionality changes as we get closer to rolling out the new service. We apologize for the delay in this announcement and appreciate your patience and support while we finalize the details for BOSS V2. Meanwhile, we are excited about the evolution of BOSS, and we’re always looking to hear from you about new and interesting ways you want to use BOSS. Keep a watch out on the Yahoo! Search BOSS forums for more announcements about pricing and the API.

Rahul Hampole
Senior Product Manager, Yahoo! Search BOSS

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