The Searches of September: Beginnings and Endings

  • Posted September 30th, 2010 at 12:11 pm by Yahoo! Search
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September brings the beginning of school, the beginning of autumn, and the beginning of the fall TV season. Here at Yahoo! Search we’ve spent the month serving up answers to questions about all of these …and more.

The opening of the school year brought students back to their computers with requests for guidance about everything from science fair projects to thesis statements. They also explored academic subjects including home economics (with queries about how to do laundry) and applied math (calculating how many beers in a keg).

This month we also saw plenty of searches for Fashion Week, the Toronto International Film Festival, and Oktoberfest, which, despite its name, opened on September 18th in Munich this year. TV premiers and pilots were also at the top of many people’s search lists,  as shown by the many queries about the fall TV schedule and favorite shows like Glee and Dancing with the Stars.

More serious searches included requests for information on the controversial World Trade Center mosque and for specifics about Pastor Terry Jones, who suggested burning the Quran as a way to mark the anniversary of 9/11.  Interest in American hiker Sarah Shourd spiked on her release from detainment in Iran.  And the recent rise in bedbug infestations  brought an influx of queries about how to know if you have bedbugs, what bed bug bites look like, and how to kill them.

Mobile users took their searches to go this month, asking for information about the earthquakes in New Zealand, the US Open (and popular players like Venus Williams and Maria Sharapova), and the meat dress Lady Gaga sported at the MTV  Video Music Awards.

Fall means football and Yahoo! users on both PCs and mobile devices were keen to know the NFL and college schedules as well as all the latest scores. Those who preferred to play along at home searched for fantasy football. Interest in New England’s Tom Brady spiked early in the month when he walked away from a car accident.  And queries about Michael Vick increased when he returned to the NFL as a starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles.

September also saw a number of endings, including the passing of Titianic actress Gloria Stuart and the death of legendary entertainer Eddie Fischer. When news of his death was announced, we saw spikes in searches for information about his ex-wives, Elizabeth Taylor, Debbie Reynolds, and Connie Stevens, as well as about his daughters, Carrie Fisher and Joely Fisher.

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Mireille Majoor
Yahoo! Search Blog

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