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  • Posted September 16th, 2010 at 10:30 am by Yahoo! Search
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At Yahoo! we are constantly enhancing the search experience to help you find answers, discover new content, and get things done online. This fall, we’re making one of our most significant updates to Yahoo! Search to provide new experiences on the search results page and across the Yahoo! network.

Today we’re giving you a sneak peek at just a few of the enhancements coming to Yahoo! Search. With more searches than ever for information-rich topics like music, movies, and news, we’ll be launching new, more visually compelling search results that let you discover information and be entertained all on one search result page.

lady gaga rich result

You’ll see new, rich search results for entertainment and news searches:

  • Entertainment – The new Yahoo! Search experience for entertainment-related searches will provide richer content results whether you’re searching for movies, music artists, or celebrities by combining images, news articles, videos, tweets, events, and ratings.

  • News – The new Yahoo! Search experience for news searches will be more conveniently organized with videos, images, articles, and tweets on a single page so you can immerse yourself  in the headlines of your choice and stay in the loop on important updates as they develop.

Also coming this fall, the Trending Now lists on and across the Yahoo! network will be accompanied by slideshows that feed your curiosity about what’s hot on the web. You’ll be able to browse through pictures from the entire Yahoo! network without ever leaving the search results page.

slideshow example

To see the slideshows, click on a trending term on Yahoo! You’ll then see a search results page featuring a slideshow of the top images related to the term in the center of the page and a list of other trending topics on the left side of the page. By clicking on a topic with the photo icon (like “Sandra Bullock” or “Jerry Seinfeld” in the mock above), you can browse through slideshows of the trending stories we feel are best told through images. You’ll also be able to explore more about the topic within the slideshow by clicking on the related links to the right of each image or the search result listings underneath.

These are just a few of the cool enhancements we’re adding to Yahoo! Search to make it the most relevant search experience for you, for whatever you’re doing online.  Stay tuned for more details when we roll out these experiences for you this fall!

Kaushal Kurapati, Senior Director of Product Management, Yahoo! Search
Caroline Tsay, Director of Product Management, Yahoo! Search

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