Hand-Write Your Searches in Yahoo! Taiwan and Hong Kong

  • Posted September 8th, 2010 at 11:51 am by Yahoo! Search
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Yahoo! Search continues to roll out innovative features to make entering queries easier, and we’ve just added a new feature for the Yahoo! Taiwan (Yahoo! Kimo) and Yahoo! Hong Kong search box. You can now hand-write queries on the writing panel next to the search button in either traditional Chinese or English.

Typing search queries in Chinese can be challenging especially for new computer users because it requires memorizing Chinese character mapping rules. Even experienced computer users don’t remember the mapping for all Chinese characters. The handwriting feature lowers the hurdle for people searching on Yahoo! Taiwan and Yahoo! Hong Kong.

To use the handwriting feature, first open the writing panel next to the search button (make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player).  When you finish drawing a Chinese character, you’ll see up to six candidate characters that best match the character you drew. After you select the character you want, you may see search suggestions, saving you even more keystrokes on long queries.

For example, to search for “Lady Gaga,” you can start writing the first Chinese character of the singer’s name in the writing panel and receive six candidates that match the character.

TW Handwriting example

After the first candidate is picked, you’ll see 10 search suggestions.  Lady Gaga is the fourth suggestion in the list.

TW handwriting suggestion

The handwrite technology supports Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English, and numbers.

With this new feature, we’re continuing our focus on answering the needs of our international markets. If you use Yahoo! Search in Taiwan or Hong Kong, give the handwriting feature a try.

James Ying
Product Manager, Yahoo! Search

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