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  • Posted August 13th, 2010 at 11:42 am by Yahoo! Search
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Think again if you’ve relegated the movie Eat, Pray, Love to the chick flick category. This weekend, Julia Roberts stars in the movie based on the bestselling novel. Yahoo! searches reveal that there’s definitely excitement about the movie, and it isn’t just from the ladies. Searches on Yahoo! for “eat pray love” are up over 900% this month. While 77% of those searching “eat, pray, love” on Yahoo! are from women, 23% of searches are from men.

The Yahoo! Search Data Syndication team put together the map above based on Yahoo! searches of the movie. There seems to be a lot of interest within Northeastern corner of the U.S. Top states searching “eat pray love” this month are Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Maine.

In the movie, our heroine travels to three countries starting with the letter “I”. Could Eat, Pray, Love spur travel to Italy, India and Indonesia? We’re seeing search spikes for “bali travel”,  “italy travel”, and “india travel” this month. Maybe the summer travel season isn’t quite over yet!

Search data can be a fascinating way to interpret trends and interests. Check back at the Yahoo! Search Blog for other search trends later this month.

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