July Search Trends: Oreos, Double Rainbows, and Surprise Smooches

  • Posted August 2nd, 2010 at 2:25 pm by Yahoo! Search
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From battered and fried Oreos to a turning point in the Gulf oil spill disaster, searches on Yahoo! in July documented major news and quirky seasonal trends.

Searches for live video feeds of the oil spill in July were the highest since late May, likely because Yahoo! users were eager to witness the installation of BP’s new containment cap. Searchers also looked for information about the oil spill cap as curious users awaited the results of BP’s latest attempt to halt some three months of oil spillage in the Gulf.

As we neared National Junk Food Day (July 21), searches for “fried oreo recipe” spiked more than 2000%. But it wasn’t just Oreos that Yahoo! users were looking to fry — “fried veggie dish,” “fried potato salad” and “fried zucchini” made their presence known on Yahoo!’s radar. Got a sweet tooth? Recipes for 7UP pound cake and the ever-famous dump cake made a spectacular showing, each seeing a search spike of over 3000% in July.

In the land of celebrities, Lindsay Lohan and Mel Gibson led the search spikes last month, with searches about Lohan’s court hearing and Gibson’s alleged controversial comments to his ex-wife, Oksana Grigorieva.

The box office isn’t the only place where celebrities are born – this month, we saw a new addition to the ranks of Internet celebrities. Enter Paul Vasquez, a man whose hysterical videotaped reaction to a “double rainbow” has, at the time of this writing, attracted nearly eight million views on YouTube and an over 3000% search spike on Yahoo! Search in the second week of July alone.

This month’s biggest search spike in tech news was Apple’s iPhone 4 antenna, which drew a lot of attention. Though searches for an iPhone 4 recall spiked over 1000%, Apple eventually offered a free bumper solution.

Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock, you can’t escape the World Cup fever that heated up all of July. We gave you a peek of World Cup searches throughout the tournament earlier this month (remember the vuvuzela and Paul the Octopus?).Searchers yearned to score a glimpse of Iker Casillas, captain of Spain’s national soccer team, delivering a surprise smooch to his reporter girlfriend Sara Carbonero in a televised post-game interview. With Spain’s victory in the 2010 World Cup, some Yahoo! users were already looking to the future, with searches for “World Cup 2014” and questions about whether FIFA will use the instant replay in 2014.

In other sports happenings, Lebron James enjoyed some time in the limelight. Searchers on Yahoo! followed his journey to the Miami Heat as it all developed, and search spiked for rumors speculating which team the NBA superstar would choose.

And so goes the month of July from the perspective of popular spikes on Yahoo! Come back next month to see what is trending on Yahoo! Search.

Yara Elmjouie
Intern, Global Product Communications

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