Get Timely Suggestions on Yahoo! Search

We’ve recently enhanced Yahoo! Search Assist to provide near real-time suggestions as you type your query.

You probably already use Yahoo! Search Assist to conduct your searches quickly, but now you can get even fresher suggestions, which will be especially useful when there are recent top news or events related to your search topic. With the new suggestion algorithm we’ve launched, you will see near real-time suggestions to help you easily find the freshest content.

For example, I was wondering which team the Netherlands would be matched with in the World Cup today, so I typed “Netherlands vs.”, and the first suggestion is for today’s game. Clicking on the first suggestion, I was able to see game information right in the search result page.

Yahoo! real time suggestion

You can also find near real-time suggestions in Yahoo! News Search. Again, when you type “netherlands” in Yahoo! News Search, you will see today’s match — “netherland vs brazil” as the first suggestion. This functionality helps you find the most timely information quickly.

Yahoo! news search real time suggestion

We hope the near real-time Search Assist feature helps you find the latest information about your query and enhances your search experience. Give it a try on Yahoo! Search and then give us your feedback or ask questions in the comments below.

Linda Wang
Senior Product Manager
Yahoo! Search

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