New Look for Yahoo! News Search for Global Markets

Back in April, we introduced a new look for Yahoo! News Search in the U.S. market, featuring news source refiners, time refiners, and rich results to help you find what you’re looking for quickly and seamlessly.

We’ve just launched the new Yahoo! News Search page for French, Spanish, German, and Indonesian language users in 11 international markets.

For example, check out the new Yahoo! News Search results page in German for soccer star Michael Ballack, with new refiners on the left side of the page:

Yahoo news search results page in German

This is a part of our effort to focus on the needs of international markets. If you use Yahoo! in French, German, Spanish, or Indonesian, be sure to search for any hot news topics in the enhanced News Search page. We will be rolling out the new Yahoo! News Search page in more global markets so please check back for updates.

Paul Ko
Yahoo! Search

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