Find Images and Videos Buzzing in Yahoo! Search

Wondering what kinds of pictures and videos people are checking out right now? We’ve redesigned the Yahoo! Image and Video search home pages for a visual snapshot of the most popular trending topics that people are looking for in Yahoo! Search.

With both video and image search, we are featuring up to five pages of topics that are trending in search. You can scroll through the pages or turn on autoscroll to watch the search trends of the moment.

Find today’s top trending image searches on the Yahoo! Image search home page:

yahoo image search home page

Or go to the Yahoo! Video search home page and see the latest trends in video:

yahoo video search home page

Already, we’ve seen double-digit percentage increases in engagement for both image and video search since launching these new homepages, with a 60% increase in time spent on the image search homepage.

Now you have another way to get a quick picture of what’s happening around the search world, from World Cup to Dancing with the Stars. This is just the start of a set of changes we’ll be making to help you find the information you’re looking for. So come back to Yahoo! Image and Video Search often and see what we’re up to.

Anuj Sahai and Sriram J. Sathish (Thiru)
Yahoo! Image Search

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