Gooooooal! Get World Cup 2010 Coverage on Yahoo! Search

Are you ready for soccer fever? In a few weeks, just about the whole world will be wrapped up in one of the biggest global sports event: the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa. Many of the games happen during the week when you might be stuck at work or school, but don’t fret: you can follow this exciting and emotional journey of international sportsmanship with our World Cup coverage shortcuts and toolbar on Yahoo! Search.

Get World Cup Schedule, Scores and News with Yahoo! Shortcuts

We’ve created some handy Shortcuts so you can keep up to date with match scores and World Cup news from Yahoo! Sports and elsewhere across the web. Simply type ‘World Cup’ in Yahoo! Search and you’ll see scores, schedules, photos, and videos in the shortcut:

World Cup Yahoo Shortcut

After the games kick into high gear, we’ll be launching Shortcuts that give you schedules and scores for specific team, group or match.  The Shortcut features will be available in 27 Yahoo sites globally. Type the name of the country, group, or match, and you will see shortcuts that look like these mock screenshots below.

World Cup 2010 Country Yahoo Shortcut

World Cup Group Yahoo Shortcut

World Cup 2010 Schedule Yahoo Shortcut

World Cup 2010 Match Yahoo Shortcut

Get World Cup Coverage on Yahoo! Toolbar

To give you more World Cup coverage at your fingertips, the Yahoo! Toolbar team just rolled out new features that let you show your team pride, and follow all of the latest soccer news. You can dress your toolbar in the colors and flag of your favorite team, search for your favorite team or play, and once the tournament begins we’ll have previews, live scores, and post-game wrap ups for every game. You also get live soccer news headlines right in your browser. Try out the toolbar with World Cup coverage here.

We just launched this in the U.S. and will be releasing it in 12 more countries throughout the month of May.

Yahoo World Cup Country Toolbar
Click to enlarge

Click the drop-down button on the toolbar to see a list of upcoming games and news.

Yahoo World Cup Toolbar Dropdown Menu

We know that the World Cup isn’t just a series of soccer games. In the words of U2 front man Bono, the World Cup “closes the schools, closes the shops, closes a city and stops a war.” So go ahead and give our shortcuts and toolbar a try as you follow the coverage of this much-anticipated event.

All together now: “Goooooooal!”

Joseph Bou-Younes and Yuko Kamae
Yahoo! Search

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