Earth Day on Yahoo! Search

We are celebrating Earth Day’s 40th birthday this week, but searchers on Yahoo! are looking for ways to be green every day of the year. This year, especially, people are taking matters into their own hands and looking for information on DIY green practices, from reusing everyday items to finding organic household goods.

People are asking questions about how to be green at home on Yahoo! Search. We’ve seen questions like, “how to compost,” “how to build a solar panel”, and “how to build a green PC” spiking on Yahoo! Search this year. In fact, searches for solar power-related queries are popular — “home solar panels” are up 11% on Yahoo! this month, and “solar oven” searches are up 14%.

Reusing goods is a big component of the green DIY movement, and people are looking for all kinds of creative ways to reuse and recycle. Searches for “recycled crafts,” “recycled art” and “recycle decorating” are hot on Yahoo! Search this month, as are searches for “reusable snack bags” (up 117%) and “reusable metal toothpick” (up 1200%).

If you’re looking for even more ways to be green, check out the Yahoo! Search green trivia game (don’t peek at the answers in the comments section!) Or take a look at  Yahoo!’s Earth Day microsite to learn global warming myths and facts, how to turn your electronics into cash and more.

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