A Little Bird Just Told Us About a Yahoo! and Twitter Partnership

The little bird is right. Yahoo! is partnering with Twitter, making it possible to integrate real-time content into social experiences on Yahoo! Starting today, you’ll be able to see more fascinating and news-worthy tweets when you search on Yahoo!

Last year we integrated Twitter results in the Yahoo! News Shortcut and for other buzzing topics. With today’s partnership, we have access to the full public feed of Twitter content. We’ve built a real-time index of this feed so you can see what people are tweeting about the topics you’re looking for.

Go on, give it a test flight: Go to Yahoo! and search for “Obama Twitter” or “iPad” to check out how we’re working to help you stay in touch with the people and things you care about most – across the entire Web.

If you are as big a fan of curling as we are, here is an example of what you could see on Yahoo! Search:

Twitter results for curling on Yahoo! Search

Real-time search involves striking a balance between showing the very latest content and showing slightly older content that may be more interesting or authoritative. In the coming weeks, we will be experimenting along these lines and upgrading tons of stuff to provide better, quicker, and more relevant Twitter results on Yahoo! Search result pages.

You can learn more about this partnership in today’s Yodel Anecdotal post by Bryan Lamkin, Yahoo! SVP of Consumer Products Group, to get his take on how Yahoo! and Twitter have just made your Web world smaller, yet larger at the same time.

We want to know what you think! Drop us a tweet with your comments at @yahoosearch.

Ivan Davtchev, Shiv Ramamurthi, Saurabh Pathak

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