Learn About Yahoo! Key Scientific Challenges Program

What can search data tell you about people? How can you use search data to project the commercial success of movies, video games, and other products? These are just a few of the challenges from the microeconomics and social systems area of the 2010 Key Scientific Challenges Program that we announced on Jan. 27 this year.

The Key Scientific Challenges program is a competition that encourages top graduate students globally to collaborate with Yahoo! and help invent the future of the Internet. The competition focuses on a variety of scientific issues, from developing algorithms that turn raw information into personally relevant experiences, to discovering insights about online advertising and experimenting with new sociological models for how people engage with the Web.

Go to Yodel Anectotal to read a post by Sharad Goel from Yahoo! Labs, where he shares some thoughts on how Yahoo! is tackling the new opportunities for research into the social sciences that the Web is making possible.

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