Yahoo!’s 2009 Year in Review

Yahoo! Year In Review

It’s the time of the year to look back on the past 12  months and reflect on events of the year. Here at Yahoo!, we’ve been analyzing billions of queries to find ways to look at the events of this year through the lens of search.

Today, the Yahoo! Year in Review returns with a brand new look at what’s happened this year.

We’ve expanded the list to take a look at important moments in 2009. Some somber moments this year are captured with our analysis of “Financial Hangovers” and “Market Darlings,” reminders of the tough economic times we are facing. We walked through the historic moments of President Barack Obama’s journey to the White House in a section we call “Obama in the House.”

It has also been a year full of the unexpected.  Remember the amazing transformation of Susan Boyle? Or the media circus around Falcon Heene, otherwise known as “Balloon Boy”? We’ve included them and other surprising celebrities in “Sudden Fame.”

You can read more about how we created the Yahoo! Year in Review at the Yodel Anecdotal blog. If you’ve got your own key moments of 2009 to contribute, you can tweet them here at

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