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  • Posted October 28th, 2009 at 3:46 pm by Yahoo! Search
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Music is an integral part of everyday life. Since launching a partnership with Rhapsody in September 2008 and launching the FoxyPlayer last year, music has been an integral part of the Yahoo! Search experience as well.

We have found that nearly 6 percent of all Yahoo! searches are music-related. Given the massive number of things people search for, we think it is pretty significant.  With enhancements that we’ve made to the search experience, we are seeing a 38 percent increase in Rhapsody enhanced results served in our SERP since July.

We’ve made it easier to find music videos, artist information, and play full length songs from within the search results page. This is just one of the many ways Yahoo! is enhancing the search experience for music lovers. With Search Assist, Search Monkey, and Yahoo! Shortcuts, you can discover even more relevant information about your favorite artist. Wonder what U2 is up to these days? Search for U2 and you’ll see images and videos, and hear full-length songs all in one place.

U2 Yahoo! Search Results Page

At Yahoo! Search, our goal is to give you a more personally relevant search experience.  We are also continuing our investment in structuring the Web to allow you to explore a “Web of things,” more than just a Web of pages. That includes helping you find and explore everything there is to know about your favorite music artists.  Whether you like to rock out to The Killers, dance it up to Beyonce, or secretly sing along to Miley Cyrus, you can find relevant information about these artists and explore their music right at your fingertips on Yahoo! Search.

Larry Cornett

Vice President, Consumer Products, Yahoo! Search

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