Yahoo! Search Pad Rocks the Relay

  • Posted May 12th, 2009 at 1:00 pm by Yahoo! Search
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The Yahoo! Search Pad relay team ran 200 miles non-stop over a total of 29 hours and 38 minutes from Calistoga to Santa Cruz, CA in The Relay on May 2. The race, which stretched across 36 cities, promotes organ donation through Organs ‘R’ Us.

If you haven’t heard the buzz on Yahoo! Search Pad, check out the demo video that we posted earlier this year. Search Pad automatically collects visited sites and provides simple tools for users to organize and add notes on the sites they find.

At The Relay, the team arrived in the Yahoo! Search Pad van and kept fans connected to the race by Twittering their progress step-by-step. It was a grueling race that involved drizzling and sometimes pouring rain, but we had fun overcoming the challenge as a team while supporting a good cause.

search pad relay 2009 in the rain

2009 Yahoo! Search Pad 200-mile Relay Team: Joseph Bou-Youne, Dennis Chen, Lawrence Chin, Timothy Daly, Didier Grelin, Ryan Grenier, Thiago Lacerda, Ramana Lokanathan, Monika Mazurkiewicz, Stephen Moore, Shige Takeda, and Ray Trounday.

Thiago Lacerda
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