Let’s Talk Open Search at Jelly

Jelly in San Francisco

As a part of the JellyTalk series, I will be discussing Yahoo! Search BOSS and open search alongside Eric Jensen from Twitter Search and Rajat Mukherjee from Google Custom Search on Friday, May 15 in San Francisco.

Yahoo! Search BOSS, Twitter Search, and Google Custom Search are all innovations that give developers access to powerful search functionality for splicing the Web in new and interesting ways. Recently real-time splicing of the Web have become popular in mainstream products like Twitter, Facebook Newsfeed, and FriendFeed, and mashups like TweetNews, OneRiot, twitturly, and Swine Flu Twitter Monitor. In particular, TweetNews and OneRiot leverage both Twitter and Yahoo! Search BOSS APIs to promote fresh content while backfilling authoritative results from the web.

However, these services are just scratching the surface of what’s possible with open search. What more can we do to advance real-time discovery by leveraging these open services in harmony? What can we make available in our APIs to facilitate greater innovation in this space? In this upcoming JellyTalk, we hope to discuss and answer questions on these topics.

Please tune in to the JellyTalk live stream on May 15th at 11:00 a.m. PST.

Vik Singh
Yahoo! Search BOSS

Photo by Amit Gupta

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