Yahoo! oneSearch Tops Mobile Search Experience Study

  • Posted April 28th, 2009 at 11:00 am by Yahoo! Search
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Yahoo! was ranked as the overall top mobile search provider in a recently published benchmarking study from Gomez, Inc. and dotMobi. The study was developed to “compare and rank the mobile Web experience provided by the top businesses in the airline, banking and search industries.” It tested and rated mobile search services across five “critical dimensions of success,” including discoverability, readiness, availability, response time, and consistency.

We thought this would be a good opportunity to call out some of the key features we’ve introduced recently that have enhanced the mobile search experience.

In just the past few months, we have rolled out an auto-locate feature that uses cell tower triangulation and Wi-Fi to detect the user’s location, an enhanced Search Assist that incorporates the user’s recent search history, and a Windows Mobile client. In the two and a half years since we introduced Yahoo! oneSearch, we have sought to continuously innovate and deliver a great mobile search experience for our Yahoo! oneSearch users worldwide. Yahoo! oneSearch powers the search experience on more than 70 of the leading carrier portals around the globe, including most recently, new co-branded oneSearch experiences with Comcel and Movistar in several more Latin American countries.

Check out the results study’s results in this post from Search Engine Land. We always welcome to your feedback on how to improve Yahoo! oneSearch, so please comment below with your thoughts and requests.

Lee Ott
Yahoo! oneSearch

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