BOSS Update: Delicious, Advanced Language, and News Capabilities

  • Posted April 9th, 2009 at 8:00 am by Yahoo! Search
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Today we’re adding several new tools to the Yahoo! Search BOSS developer war chest: Delicious content, advanced language capabilities, and news sorting functionality to the BOSS news service. Like the BOSS Keyterms, Search Monkey, and Site Explorer features released recently, these new additions will empower BOSS developers with more insight into their search results to build unique search experiences.

Yahoo! Search Boss tools of the trade

The immense popularity of Delicious has driven a wave of Delicious tools from Yahoo! and the Delicious community, such as browser add-ons, APIs, and Search Monkey applications. The Delicious data available today through BOSS includes Delicious saves, top tags, and count information.

To obtain this data, use view=delicious_toptags or delicious_saves in the BOSS Web Search call. For example, the following code shows the number of times a search results has been saved in Delicious, its top tags (science, biology, and education), and the count for each tag.


In addition to Delicious, BOSS is now equipped with Advanced Language functionality so that you can filter specific language results for a given market. Developers can choose to refine language results traditionally, like in this example of default Yahoo! Germany search results, or with strict German filtering to mimic results in this example by adding the strictlang=1 flag to the BOSS Web search call.

BOSS now supports Czech, Hungarian, and traditional Chinese. Language information about Web and news search results is also available by adding view=language in the BOSS call.

Finally, BOSS News Service can now sort by a date or a specified time range of days, weeks, or hours. Please refer to the News chapter of the BOSS Documentation for further information.

If you have any questions or feedback, we encourage you to post them to the BOSS group. We look forward to your continued interest and enthusiasm – there is still a lot more to come.

Ashim Chhabra
Yahoo! Search BOSS Team

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