Image Search Preview Page Overhaul

We’ve revamped the Yahoo! Image Search preview page to make it a lot easier to use. Now, when you click on an image from the image search results page, the top bar opens to reveal a richer and sleeker interface that displays a larger view of the image, more search results, and popular related searches.

Our new image preview page features:
• A search box with search assistance to let you quickly and easily search for more images.
• More image search results (so you don’t have to hit the back button to see your other options).
• Suggestions based on queries from other users making similar searches.

New Image Search preview page:

Yahoo! Image Search new preview page

Old Image Search preview page:

Yahoo! Image Search old preview page

Try searching for images of beautiful sunsets, faraway places (Rome, anyone?), or hot celebs like Brad Pitt. Our new image search results preview page will help you find what you’re looking for – maybe you’ll even discover something new.

Anja Krombholz, Chris Kurian, and Polly Ng
Yahoo! Image Search

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