Bringing Truthiness to Search


Fans of the Colbert Report may be familiar with the host’s notion of truth as defined by the individual – otherwise known as “truthiness.” As strange an idea as this may be, we believe there’s some legitimacy to the idea that people want sources of information that only confirm and never contradict their world view. Today we’re happy to announce that Yahoo! has created a search engine that provides exactly this functionality – Ideological Search.

This new search engine was built using Yahoo! Search BOSS technology and is available immediately. Building Ideological Search was a major scientific undertaking, as the big brains at Yahoo! Labs explain.

We’re excited to see the user response to this new product. If it’s anything close to what we expect, we may add a new Ideological Search tab to the Yahoo! front page.

With Ideological Search, you can pretend everyone on the web thinks just like you, so give it a try today!

Raj Gossain
Yahoo! Search

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