Time to Say Goodbye to Yahoo! MyWeb

Back in 2005, we launched Yahoo! MyWeb with the goal to help our users save valuable information they discover on the Web. As we have continued to innovate with the 2.0 release of Delicious and the upgraded Yahoo! Bookmarks, we saw that MyWeb users’ needs are being served by our newer products. To streamline our bookmarking services, we will discontinue the MyWeb service starting March 18, 2009 and focus our efforts on improving Delicious for social bookmarking. We are working on many Delicious product enhancements for 2009 – in the meantime, we’ll make the transition for our MyWeb users in the least disruptive manner possible. MyWeb users have three choices to migrate their bookmarks:

1. Yahoo! Bookmarks. For users primarily interested in private bookmarking, the switch is simple – all MyWeb bookmarks are already available in Yahoo! Bookmarks.

2. Delicious . For users who enjoy sharing their bookmarks and exploring the bookmarks of other users, we recommend migrating to Delicious. The migration is a three-step process – see details here.

3. Export. For users who choose to use other bookmarking services, we recommend using our export tools, which will provide an archive of your bookmarks that is easily readable by 3rd party services and browsers such as Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

For publishers using the MyWeb Bookmark button or the MyWeb badge, we recommend migrating these to the Delicious button or badge.

If you have any questions about the migration, please contact us at the MyWeb Feedback page.

Ariel Seidman and Craig Taylor

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