Yahoo! oneSearch Shortcut: Now with Auto-locate, Improved Search Assist, and Windows Mobile Client

  • Posted February 9th, 2009 at 12:02 pm by Yahoo! Search
  • Categories: Mobile, Search

The Yahoo! Mobile team works every day to make mobile search faster, easier, and more relevant for millions of Yahoo! oneSearch users worldwide. Today we’re launching several new features for the Yahoo! oneSearch Shortcut, including an auto-locate feature that uses cell tower triangulation and Wi-Fi to detect the user’s location, enhanced Search Assist that incorporates the user’s recent search history, and a Windows Mobile client.

Last August, we launched the Yahoo! oneSearch Shortcut to provide one-click access to Yahoo! oneSearch, making search easily accessible on mobile devices. With today’s launch, we’re making Yahoo! oneSearch Shortcut available on Windows Mobile devices in the U.S. With an integrated voice search you can speak or type your query directly from the home screen of Windows Mobile devices. We’ve also added an auto-locate feature on select devices to deliver local search results based on a combination of cell tower triangulation and Wi-Fi hotspots. You no longer need to type in your address or zip code to access local listings – Yahoo! oneSearch can provide results based on your location.

Finally, since we know it can be challenging to type on mobile devices, we’re improving our Search Assist technology on BlackBerry devices by incorporating the user’s search history. This will enable faster and easier input, delivering contextual recommendations and predictive text completion alongside the user’s previously searched terms. Simply type in your query and your recent searches or similar queries will display on the screen as a prompt. For example, while typing “Sus” in San Francisco, you may be offered Sushi Groove if you previously searched for it, or you may see “sushi recipe” as an assisted suggestion.

Yahoo! oneSearch Shortcut on BlackBerry

In this launch, we have also made the Yahoo! oneSearch Shortcut available on some of the latest Nokia, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile devices. It is also now available on select devices in Australia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Click here for additional information on device/country support.

For more information and to download the applications, Nokia and Windows Mobile users can visit our PC site or from their mobile device. BlackBerry users can visit this website or direct their mobile phone browser to We hope you will try out these new features and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Joy Ghanekar
Yahoo! Mobile

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