New President, New Search Patterns

  • Posted January 21st, 2009 at 9:52 am by Yahoo! Search
  • Categories: Search Trends

The newly minted Obama administration can look forward to a large, internet-savvy constituency who demand more from the internet than they did four years ago. This time, instead of simply searching for information on “inauguration,” people are looking for ways to watch the inauguration online and capture moments of the inauguration that they missed. We saw new search spikes on “inauguration website”, “watch inauguration online”, and “obama inauguration speech video” – these are all terms that didn’t spike during the 2005 inauguration.

We also got a fascinating peek at some unexpected questions on our searchers’ minds. Users looked for off-beat searches like “inauguration luncheon recipes”, “inauguration how many times was god mentioned”, and “John Roberts oath of office ridiculousness”.

Want to read more about what people were curious about this inauguration? Check out the Inaugural Spikes post at Yodel Anecdotal . And don’t forget to tell us in the comments below: what were you looking for on Yahoo! Search about the presidential inauguration?

By Eugenia Chien
Yahoo! Search

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