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Starting today, the Wikipedia Enhanced Result will automatically appear in the search results. Not surprisingly, we’ve seen a handful of Wikipedia Enhanced Results and Infobars built in the past few months. After observing how people used these apps, we gathered the best elements from each and built a new app. If you prefer any of the other Wikipedia apps, you can of course opt to use them instead (by adjusting your preferences here).

This new Wikipedia app includes a photo (if there’s one in the corresponding article), deep links to the first four sections of the article, and a snippet pulled from the article summary. For example, say you’re a mid-century furniture fan and you’re looking to learn more about Eames chairs. A search for Eames chairs will bring up two Wikipedia results for two of their famous chairs. You can use the photo to help you decide which result is best for your needs (this is called result disambiguation by us search geeks) and then click a deep link to jump directly to your answer.

Wikipedia Enhanced Result

While Wikipedia may be the most well-known reference site on the web, it’s certainly not the only one. In fact, there are SearchMonkey apps for many other top sites, including HowStuffWorks, eHow, CIA World Factbook, Merriam-Webster, and a lot more.

CIA Factbook Infobar (2)

We hope these apps make searching for reference information on the web easier and faster. Let us know if you have any feedback.

SearchMonkey Team

p.s. Today appears to be the 8th anniversary of the launch of Wikipedia. Congrats to Wikipedia and its many contributors!

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