BOSS Reaches a Milestone

  • Posted December 8th, 2008 at 8:00 am by Yahoo! Search
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We launched Yahoo! Search BOSS this past July and we just reached a significant milestone – the BOSS API is currently serving more than 10 million queries per day. 10 million in and of itself isn’t particularly significant, but we’re sharing it because we believe growing to more than 100 queries a second in just over 5 months says something about the demand for an open search platform. As a point of reference, the total queries from these developer-built, BOSS-powered search engines would rank ahead of the combined searches done on both Facebook and Amazon, and just behind Ask.com1. Note that because these queries are delivered via the BOSS API and served up by our partners, they aren’t counted as Yahoo! Search queries by comScore or other metrics providers.


Since launch, we’ve been focused on adding features and building up the ecosystem. We’ll maintain that emphasis in 2009, as well as adding monetizing capabilities to the platform. Our plans have been driven by what we’ve heard from developers on our Yahoo! Group and at six hack days held around the world. We still have a great deal of work ahead, but the feedback we’ve received from the BOSS community has validated our hypothesis that there really was a need for a service like BOSS to help power innovation in search.

If you’re interested in checking out what’s been built using BOSS, here are a few places to look:

Thanks to everyone in the BOSS community for helping to make this happen and for being vocal about what we should be working on next. Keep it up!

Bill Michels

1comScore qSearch October 2008

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