Gluing Together the Best Content on the Web

You may have heard about our experimental visual display of search results on Yahoo! India, called Glue(TM) Pages. Tonight we’re launching a similar, but slightly different experience in the U.S. with Yahoo! Glue(TM) beta. This newest iteration is a standalone experience focused on assembling useful information from all over the Web, giving users a new place to discover and explore images, videos, articles and more.

We’re starting with a limited set of topics (more will be added over time), pulling together content from the best places on the Web onto one Yahoo! Glue(TM) page. These pages are built using an algorithm that automatically places the most relevant modules on a page, giving you a visually rich, diverse page all about the topic in which you’re interested.

To see it in action, check out some of the Glue pages on some popular people, places and things: New York Giants, Henry Paulson, Electoral College, Hugh Jackman, etc.

Hugh Jackman v2

For those that may be wondering, our intention with Yahoo! Glue(TM) beta is not to replace the Yahoo! Search experience in the US. We’re always challenging ourselves to explore innovative new ways to deliver great experiences. Glue is one of those experiments, with a goal of giving users one more visual way to browse and discover new things from across the Web. We’ll be working to expand the number of Glue pages, improve the experience and incorporate your feedback into future versions.

We’ll be rolling this out over the next few hours, so go ahead and give it a try at We think it’s pretty sticky (we had to have one “glue” pun in this post), and we’d love your feedback.

Julie Demsey
Yahoo! Glue Product Management

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